Monday, March 21, 2011

Character Descriptions

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The Inn (Turn 1)

You arrive in the town of Fallowbrook just as the the harvest moon is rising over the edge of the distant Thantos Forest. The town is much like many that you've seen in your travels. People hurrying towards their homes after a hard day's work, dog barking down side streets and street urchins running about in half feral packs. The buildings of the town seem sturdier than the last few you've been through, the walls solidly whitewashed and all the thatched roofs in apparent good repair. It is obviously a prosperous market city or perhaps a trades town. You let your feet guide you and eventually you come to the familiar sight of the village inn. This one boasting the name "Heart of the Green" and an oddly carved placard of a wooden man's face with vivid green eyes that have obviously been painted recently as the rest of the sign is quite weathered.

You make your way into the inn suddenly feeling the miles on your feet and eager for a hot meal and a good night's rest. The interior is much as you imagined it would be, long rough hewn tables set out on each side with sawdust and chip strewn floors beneath and smoke darkened support beams barely visible up above in the eaves. There are stairs to the right obviously leading to sleeping quarters and the bar beckons straight ahead where a plump matronly woman polishes a tankard and looks up at you without much expression.

OOC: (out of character) Okay I'm obviously very rusty but let's have some fun.